How InBody Improves Your Fitness

Scales and Mirrors Don’t Tell the Whole Story

The number one reason that people give up on their exercise routine is because they don’t see the progress they thought they would. Many of us join a gym because we are not happy with the way we look and/or feel so we decide to make a change. We start out strong but then too many of us don’t see the results we want, so we lose motivation and eventually just give up. We’re here to help you learn how to use InBody to improve your fitness.

Unfortunately, that scenario is way too common. The problem is that we are using the wrong tools to measure our success. For most people, the changes that occur in our body as a result of exercising happen slowly and that is good. Slow and steady is the healthiest way to get into shape, but because of this, a scale and mirror are literally the least effective tools for measuring progress.


There is not a single one of us that is not critical of how we look in a mirror and the daily fluctuations of water in our bodies renders a scale almost useless. For those reasons, Idaho Fitness Factory installed InBody Scanners at all our clubs. Not just for the people who are already in good shape, for everyone.

An InBody scan is one of the most accurate ways available to track your progress. A monthly scan will lift the veil of the scale and mirror and reveal to you all the wonderful things that are happening to you as a result of even the most casual exercise routine and diet. The only catch is that you have to do it.

InBody at IFF

Your first scan is free, then Unlimited Members get unlimited scans. To say that “I don’t want to know” is to do yourself an incredible disservice. If you don’t do the first one, then you are not going to be able to see all the progress you have made when you do your second, then third and so on. We all struggle with motivation in the gym. Exercise and diet take effort and discipline, to hide the results of all that effort from yourself is a crime that none of us should be committing.

The next time you are tempted to just give up, you can look back at your scan history and show yourself that yes, this actually is working. I may not be getting there as fast as I want, but I am getting there. That could be the difference, the catalyst that drives you to keep working, keep trying. The results of your work in the gym are going to change your life, they are going to extend your life, but first you have to find the motivation to do it. A monthly InBody scan can provide you with that motivation when everything else fails. Once again though, the only trick is that you have to do it.