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Lets face it, working out can sometimes be boring.  Be it a 30 min quick weight training session or a long cardio day our brains/minds sometimes are NOT focused on the workout.  It is always a good idea for our bodies to shake up the workout, to cause muscle confusion, and to change scenery.  I have found that triathlon training has helped with mental focus but sometimes I need another distraction while working out.  


I started training for 5k's and 10k's on my treadmill in the basement.  After about a week I had to put cable tv down there.  I would watch soccer games on mute so I didn't have to turn the volume up so much.  That was fun but then I started training for a half marathon.  2 hours (on my long days) running on a treadmill is torture, no matter who is playing on the soccer field.  I connected to Netflix to watch a movie, I listened to music, sometmes I tried to talk on the phone.  Some of that worked some of the time.  


This last October I ran my first marathon.  Long run days were over three hours!  With nice weather I was smart enough to run outside :).  I started listening to audiobooks.  I found that fiction kept my mind distracted enough to pass the time.  I started listening to LONG books, 60 plus hours long.  I was impressed that I actually WANTED to go out and run so I could find out what happend next.  


Finding what works for you can be a game changer for your fitness goals.  If something doesn't help you stay focused to the end, keep trying.  Keeping your brain involved or distracted is important on this journey!  If there is anything we can do at the FACTORY to help you with this, please let us know!

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