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Turning Points

In the transition to an active lifestyle you will face a few "turning points".  You know, the times when you finally make your actions reflect your knowledge.  Many of us know:

What a good diet looks like.

That in order to lose lbs. our calorie burn needs to exceed our intake. 

That after a workout we feel great and have more focus. 

That working out with a friend is more fun. 

That an event or deadline helps motivate more than a vague image. 

That vegetables are GOOD for us. 

That self-confidence grows with a positive self image.

Since we know all of those things it is only a matter of "turning points".  You can wait for them or you can create them.  When we wait for them it is usually something that slaps us in the face, hard.  When we create them, when we seek them out our lives and the lives of others can be richly blessed.  Of course turning points aren't limited to health, or fitness.  They can be professional, family, academic, and/or spiritual. 

Turning points are what makes you who you are today.  Envision yourself a year later, a decade later, a generation later and ask yourself, "What turning points do I need to acheive that vision?"

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