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Hey everyone, Its Bryan again.  I had a great training session with Jason yesterday and I feel great today. Soreness is all gone!  I am feeling stronger and looking better by the day it seems.  I love it when I start seeing and feeling results!  What a great motivating factor when I am tired and dreading the next training session!

Over the past year I have done several olympic distance triathlons.  I did the Emmett triathlon and the first annual Quest for the capital.  I wasn't very pleased with my overall time but I finished and that was the primary goal.  After the last triathlon I switched gears and ran a the city of trees marathon.  A few weeks later I ran with a team in the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay, and that was a kick in the pants.  If you have never done a Ragnar Relay let me know I would love to do another one with you.  

Now I am in the "off season" and its getting cold outside I thought it would be a good time to read and try something new in regards to my training.  Next years goals include the Salt Lake City Marathon and the Boise Half Ironman, I also want to do the Emmett Tri and the Quest tri again to record an improved time.  So far I am happy with the training, having a trainer has kept things fresh and new.  It has also allowed me to focus on other important things instead of what my training schedule will be for the day/week/month.  

Of course there is no real "OFF-SEASON" when it comes to overall health.  But it is important to shake things up and give your body a rest from the same old routine.  

Stay focused, and see you at the FACTORY!

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