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Motivation and Focus

At Idaho Fitness Factory we understand that Motivation for working out can be elusive at times.  We have found two main types of motiviation in our lives:

Negative motivation.  This type of motiviation is usually born out of guilt.  This morning, after a big Thanksgiving day, I felt like I had better get to the gym to work off all the food and treats I ate yesterday.  I had to stop that thought and remember the reason I go to the gym.  NOBODY likes to be motivated by guilt.  So please don't workout because you put something in your mouth. 

Positive motiviation or motivation in which we have a goal or desire to achieve is the best type of motivation to use to keep focused.  I have found that when I don't have an event for which I am training my motivation wanes.  Take caution though not to set the bar too high and remember to begin training with enough time so you avoid injury.  

Weightloss, muscle gain, body fat, and body shape goals are also a great way to use positive motivation.  Please be careful when using these types of motivation.  These are lifestyle changes that need to be maintained, you can't go back to a sedentary lifestyle or you will regain the old body.  Celebrate the little victories, plan meals and snacks, and get a new mentality towards food and working out.  

We look forward to helping you stay motivated to achieve your goals!

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