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Bryan's Journey with special guest: soreness!

Hey Everyone, my name is Bryan.  Over the next few months I am going to bring you with me on my fitness journey.  I have a few goals set and the training begins NOW!  

I have enlisted the help of a personal trainer, his name is Jason Wanlass.  Jason and I will be training at the new "factory" located on Franklin and Linder.    The coming years goals include the YMCA christmas 2.5 mile run with my family, the Salt Lake Marathon on April 21, and the Boise Half Ironman triathlon on June 9th. I have a goal to lose 8% body fat, and build a strong foundation for those events.
Yesterday's work out was amazing. It was a great mix of exercises I enjoy and ones that involve the core! I am not a core/stomach guy so I can only imagine what Jason was thinking when I was doing one rep, then resting, one rep, then resting.
My glutes are sore this morning but in a sick way I kind of like being a little sore. It helps remind me I did something that made me stronger, that I pushed myself past my previous abilities.
See you at the FACTORY! Only two and a half weeks until the Family Christmas run!




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